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Slave Training of Lyla Storm Day 3-Sexual Abilities with Derrick Pierce

The day has come for Lyla’s sexual testing, and we bring in Derrick Pierce for the job. After a couple of days with her it is evident that her sexual appetite is huge, so we need to harness this and make it quality that can be used on TUF.

She is a perfect case to show that we need all varieties of slaves. She will be put to good use once her training is complete. First, her cock sucking skills are tested, and as I suspected, she shines. We bind her and she still out shines most trainees.

Derrick moves straight into the fucking and, but not without tormenting her the whole time. Her feet are destroyed before she is allowed to have an orgasm. The torment continues until we decide that the day is finished and send her to her room for the night.

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