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Penny Play vs Lyla Storm Lesbian Wrestling


The Tarrasque
HT: 5’6
WT: 137lbs
Season record (1-0)
Lifetime record (1-1)
Lyla Storm
The Jaguar
HT: 5’8
WT: 125lbs
Season record (0-5)
Lifetime record (0-5)

Penny Play is back with a vengeance and determined to work her way up the rankings. Lyla Storm is also a dedicated fighter, but her record is nothing but a series of loses. Can she pull ahead and use the experience she has gained on the mat to dominate someone bigger and tougher than or? Or will she end up face down in a puddle of her own drool getting railed on the mat like she has become so accustomed to? Watch and find out!
Ultimate Surrender, the only non-scripted real wrestling league on the net.

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