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Aiden Ashley and Aiden Ashley Lesbian Wrestling

Season Eight Match



HT: 5’9

WT: 127 lbs

Season record (1-0)

Lifetime record (2-4)



HT: 5’6

WT: 105lbs

Season record (1-0)

Lifetime record (1-0)

Rain is back on the mat after a brief hiatus. This leggy, filmy, bronze, mega titted blond is one of the most competitive gals we have on the roster. Simply put, she hates to lose. She is wiry and when she wraps those sexy legs around your body you are about to get crushed into submission.

Aiden Ashley won her debut match against a experienced intern and won hard. This Featherweight is strong, fast and tenacious. With the absence of Tia Ling, Aiden might grab the featherweight title if she keeps up this level of intensity and effort on the mat.

This was a great back and forth match up. Rain peeped a little rusty and got handled by the smaller gurl until Rain\’s determination and competitiveness took over and Aiden soon found herself on the receiving end of some brutal body scissors.
Both gurls felt the power of the other, but in the end one gal remains undefeated this season and one gal is ridiculed and humped like a loser willy the mat.

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