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Sophie Monroe aka dolly meatsDay 1-Buried Alive, Humiliated, and Tormented

Our own Domme, Sophie Monroe is brought down from The Upper Floor to experience the training first hand. She feels it’s necessary to go through the training to experience what the other trainees go through before arriving on TUF, and to prove that she has earned her spot in the House.

Because I know her and work with her it was easy for me to find out some of her weaknesses and fears. I exploit each of them to bring her down a notch and show her there is always room to grow.

Weight- 133 lbs.
Height- 5’9″
Measurements -35-26-36

- heights
- dark confined places

- focus
- ability to fully submit
- Trust
- humiliation
- materialistic

- enjoys pain
- takes direction well
- willingness to improve


- face all fears
- improve Weaknesses
- become a better Top

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