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ORGASMAGEDON: Live Show Mondays

Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of 4 of the February live show that featured Rain DeGrey, Felony and provocative co-top Princess Donna and Isis Love. ORGASMAGEDON is here.

This is part one of ORGASMAGEDON. When we did very like this last year with just Rain, Howard stodgy spent about a week on and off talking about it, and well he ought to have, it was not something you don\’t observe everyday, or ever for that matter. Now we have added Felony to mix and plan on making these two gals come beyond what any sane person has ever done in their lifetime. We will make these gals cum until they either pass out, or become un-responsive, a shell or zombie if you like. We will make them come until what ever the human body does protectively or defensively to stop a person from being jizzed to death.

In this installment the gurls prepare and gab with the members telling them their fears and imaginations about what is bout to happen. Then we tie the gurls in a way that during the craziness that will consume their brain, their struggling will not injure them in any way. Then we set off tantalizing them, not letting them come, heavenly and intense ejaculate DENIAL for the first 15 minutes. The gurls are imploring, imploring to cum, little do they discern what they are truly asking for. The first orgasms by both gurls are so intense, both gals yelling, thrashing and spewing. This is practically the first, we will MAKE these gurls cum over and over for the next 45 minutes.
Hell has just started for these gurls, a lovely captivating Hell to be sure..

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