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Krysta Kaos Bolted To The Wall And Repeatedly Machine Fucked

Krysta Kaos is back for the last installment of her recent shoot with us. We’ve already tested her ability to handle pain, so the focus of this scene is seeing how well she deals with nonstop brutal orgasms.

We bolt Krysta to a wall with her arms and legs spread. We chain her neck to the wall for a little breath play, and fill her already wet pussy with our high-powered fucking machine, Omega. We rubber band her feet, clamp and weight her cute little pink nipples. Really that’s just icing on the cake though. The real fun is watching this tough girl get mentally and physically destroyed by the barrage of one orgasm after another. Krysta can handle some serious pain play like a champ, but this kind of brutal, nonstop cumming turns her into a sweaty, sloppy, squirting, fucked-up cum puddle.

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