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Lesbian Wrestling Round 4 The Pirates Vs. The Goddesses

ROUND FOUR: The Pirates(0-3) vs The Goddesses(0-2)

Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 3 of 4 of the live September matchup between The Pirates and The Goddesses.

The wrestling is over and the Goddesses have not only been defeated, but thoroughly humiliated. This is the worst loss by points ever in the history of the Tag Team League. Dia Zerva and Jessie Cox are surprised when Isis Loves comes from the locker room with a strap on to help fuck the loser into the mat.

This is one of the hottest ROUND FOURS we have ever filmed in front of a live audience. The crowd was amazed, the viewers at home who saw it live were amazed. The blue team was fucked and fucked good, made to cum over and over. It was a good day for the Pirates!

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