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Rain DeGrey rope-bound, spread, and made to cum without mercy for over an hour. Part 1 of 4

Live Show Mondays brings you the Start of the June live show that featured Rain DeGrey and sexy co-top Isis Love.

Never in the history of Kink has anything like this been attempted! We are going to see “live” what happens when you make someone orgasm until the simply “turn off”.

Rain has a curse, she is is multi-orgasmic. She can cum over and over, and as the orgasms get more and more intense, her clit gets more and more sensitive. So each orgasm is almost painful, it feels so good. However, when you make someone like Rain cum over and over, it also effects the body, soul and the brain.

We are only 15 minutes into the ordeal and Rain is already delirious, seriously delirious. How much more can she take? We just started making her squirt and already it looks like she has lost all sanity, and we have 45 minutes to go!

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