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Allie Haze, cloistered, concealed, pulsated and overcome with orgasm after orgasm

The delightful Allie Haze is cute like a kitten! This nubile dainty is filled with enthusiasm and awe, so let’s fuck her up, shall we?

First, we will strip away her Protection: her adorable appearance. Faceless now, she hasn’t got her reliable sense of security. She is just a set of legs, cunt and ass for us to do with as we will. A body for us to misuse. We can cause her to howl from foot agony and pussy pommeling. We can force her moans and gyrations when we finger fuck her abandoned, naked pussy. We can make her cum over and over with a vibrator and a properly large cock planted inside her.

Yes, without her pretty face to use against us, she is just a toy for our immoral delight. Shall we make it cum another time?

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