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Naked Lesbian Wrestling with WENONA Vs. KRISSY LYNN

Season Seven Match


The Gymnast

HT: 5’6

WT: 120 lbs

Season record (1-0)

Lifetime record (1-0)

Ranked 6th


The Crippler

HT: 5’3

WT: 128lbs

Season record (0-0)

Lifetime record (0-0)

Not Ranked

Wenona is back for her second single match up of the year. Ranked 6th, this former gymnast is still ripped like she was in college. Wenona spends about 2 hours a day in the gym and it shows.

Welcome Krissy Lynn to Ultimate Surrender. Like every wrestler before her that had an older brother and grew up a tomboy, Krissy thinks she can win her first match against a top ten opponent. Krissy made a hell of a first showing, but learned that experience will win out over brute strength any day.

Krissy does remarkably well for her first time, and I mean remarkably. She still got her ass kicked and Wenona got to fuck her good, but it was a solid effort! We will see Krissy again soon.

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