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ARIEL X vs. Jayden In Lesbian Wrestling

Season Seven Match


The Assassin

HT: 5’2″

WT: 115 lbs

Season record (1-0)

Lifetime record (13-2)

Ranked 2nd


Black Widow

HT: 6’0″

WT: 140lbs

Season record (0-1)

Lifetime record (0-1)

Ariel X was last season’s overall Champion, this season she is in even better shape and wants to do what no one has done in US History; win two championships. At 5’2″ she is pound for pound the best conditioned athlete we have.

Jayden Cole is one tall drink of water. This 6’0 beauty, has amazing long sexy legs and great breasts. This giant among mice lacks an aggressive nature. She’s a lover, and we hope someday she learns to be a fighter also.

David not only kicked Goliath’s ass, she humiliated it. Little Ariel X at 5’2″ just over powered and dominated our 6′ tall amazon. Ariel, loves beating and fucking losers.

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